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            The name of Kunlun is from the volume 29 of 《Hanshu》. it is mentioned" The River Origins from Kunlun,Through the China,into the Bohai sea.The topography of Kunlun is High Northwest and low Southeast." The Responsibility of Kunlun industrial is the mission of history,National strategies and People's needs.The Company adheres to the core values of Pursuit of Enterprise and Society Coexisting ,and the harmonious development.and Adhere to the market orientation of compliance according to law,industrial as the base point,to serve the community.We will focus on enhancing regional competitiveness and actively explore overseas markets. Kunlun Industrial and strategic partners have been creating wealth and giving back to society.

            Chongqing Kunlun Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013, registered capital of RMB100 million, Kunlun industrial is a key energy enterprise of Chongqing liangjiang new area, and the Innovation funds foster of Chongqing science and technology commission.The company focuses on promoting finance and clean energy investment. The headquarter is located at 25 floors of Liangjiang Shengjing building, 1590 jinkai road of Chongqing liangjiang new area.The company has 11 wholly owned subsidiaries,It is a industrial investment groups of integrating energy development, asset management, water Conservancy and environmental protection, and financial investment.